Delivery system

We use Riverdale Global's RGS and PIAD® systems to deliver our technology with state-of-the-art computerized dosifiers.

    It provides the greatest amount of accuracy and control available, which can reduce usage and lower costs. The RGS is easy to set up and use. Calibration is not required. Riverdale Global's gravimetric system makes automatic metering adjustments as needed. Liquid additive change is quick and easy. The RGS can use 5 gallon pails, 30 gallon drums, or totes.

    Every container delivered to your facility has its own pump, installed permanently in the drum or pail (Pump-In-A-Pail®). The containers are sealed and never need to be opened. You can send back the empty containers through Riverdale Global's Return For Refill™ program, which will save you money and help the environment. Pump-In-A-Drum® (PIAD) is proven technology, in use by Riverdale for more than 10 years.

To see an actual Timeplast-altered facility Please watch the following video: