Timeplast is a Nano-technology Company that specializes in the alteration and reengineering of polymers at the manufacturing process of a plastic product, with the purpose of turning back the time of a polymer's heat history, forcing the chemical structure and combination reaction to go backwards by extrusion-heated-Nano-depolymerization and wax micro-formation, which improves the recyclability of plastic 307.5%, by introducing a version of itself that increases mechanical properties and clarity. Concomitantly Timeplast also marks by Solvation and Oxidation weak spots on the polymer chain for it not to be longer than paraffin wax's once it eventually breaks down in Nature.



 When we say we have the only feasible solution for the plastic pollution epidemic, we truly mean it. The solution is actually fairly simple; instead of leaving Mother Nature to take care of the colosal burden of disintegrating plastic, we take on the job of disintegrating it instead, chemically.

  TimePlast is the first and only Company in the U.S. with a Patent approved by the USPTO on the Degradation of Plastic, not the degradation. This doesn't mean we have the ability to create a "Degradable" or "Biodegradable" plastic, specially because there's no such thing as a "biodegradable plastic".

   Why is it that our plastic is not degradable? Because we don't pass on the burden of degrading plastic to Nature, we degrade it at the manufacturing process, this way we managed to lower any plastic's chemical lifespan during the manufacturing process through Depolymerization, Solvation and Oxidation, so our plastic is not "degradable" but degraded.

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